10 of the

Best Marathon Shoes

We scoured the Web for 10 of the best marathon running shoes – find the right shoe for your next race!

Choosing the Best Marathon Shoes

A road marathon is 26.2 miles (42 kilometers) on hard running surfaces requiring a repetitive running motion for multiple hours.  While many of us might be able to fake or tough out a shorter race in a wide variety of shoes, the marathon is an event where choosing the best shoe really counts!

Depending on running experience, fitness, and philosophy the type of marathon running shoe a runner chooses can vary significantly from one runner to the next. This is good as modern shoes are designed for a variety of preferences and needs.

The 10Shoe Pulse Score should give an excellent idea of the online consensus around some of the best marathon shoes and the shoe which works best for a runner may not necessarily be the top-rated by Pulse Score.

Woman finishing marathon with daughter
Finishing a marathon is a huge accomplishment!

How to Choose the Right Marathon Running Shoe

The right shoe will depend upon a number of factors for each runner:

  • Is this person a beginning or experienced runner?
  • Is the runner dealing with an pain conditions such as plantar fasciitis or knee pain?
  • What training surfaces are expected
  • How fast a runner is planning to run

A Great Shoe Meets the Runner’s Need

A beginning runner dealing with a learning curve may not be well-suited for a minimalist and firm speed shoe when much more forgiving and cushioned options exist just as an experienced runner may find the beginner’s shoe overbuilt. So, it’s important to compare shoes and choose one which speaks to the individual runner’s profile.

In the end, the right shoe will be:

  • Comfortable to the point where the runner doesn’t think about the shoe, there are not hotspots or pain points
  • “Locked down” – there shouldn’t be movement where the foot or heel is able to slide around
  • Helpful. A runner with pain should find relief. A runner desiring speed should find a shoe which is responsive and peppy.
  • Fun! A runner should enjoy their shoes and look forward to wearing them — it should be sad to part ways when the shoe finally wears out.

We hope the above list of 10 of the best marathon shoes is helpful on your marathon journey. Good luck and good health!