Lems Primal Zen

A zero-drop, vegan-friendly shoe that’s perfect for those who are transitioning to minimalist shoes while providing true comfort to keep the “Zen” in your day.
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Lems Primal Zen Review


  • Ultra lightweight and comfortable
  • Extremely flexible
  • Great for those transitioning to minimalist shoes
  • Wide range of daily wear contexts
  • Great breathability
  • Roomy and wide toe box
  • Stable and balanced


  • Not for intense or extreme workouts
  • Not good for cold weather
  • More cushion than a true minimalist shoe (depending on how you look at this, it’s great for beginners)
  • More restrictive for thicker feet

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Lems Primal Zen Features

Comfort and Fit

The Primal Zen is a minimalist, vegan-friendly, ultra-lightweight shoe that provides extreme comfort due to slightly more cushion and a more grounded base, which makes this a perfect choice for beginners transitioning to barefoot shoes. The combination of the breathable air mesh and microfibers gives way to great ventilation while providing comfort all day long.


With a slightly more rugged outsole, it provides great traction for long walks, hiking, trekking, and running on rough surfaces like concrete and asphalt.


This new design provides long-lasting durability with a more rugged and thicker outsole. Customers have reported walking and hiking for extended periods without seeing any wear and tear.


This upgraded design provides more stability due to its slight cushion and thicker stack height.


While this shoe is an all-around great wear for daily general activities, it also provides considerable protection for outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, and climbing.


The combination of the breathable air mesh and microfibers contributes to its breathability, making it perfect for warm weather and preventing your feet from getting too hot.


The best part of the Primal Zen is that it’s stylish! Its versatility allows you to engage in various activities for long periods of time while looking trendy throughout the day; you can dress it up or dress it down. This all-purpose, day-to-day shoe is perfect for any occasion.

Flexibility and Responsiveness

True to the Lems brand, this new design is very flexible and responsive, making it a great choice for general, daily activities.

Lems Primal Zen Construction


Made with a 9.5mm LemsRubber™ (air-injection rubber) and a more rugged outsole to provide comfort, stability, and protection throughout the day.


Ultra-thin 0.8mm cork top layer with 3.0mm PU under layer


Designed with a breathable air mesh and microfibers to provide the ultimate breathability, especially for warm weather

Lacing System

100% vegan, including the laces that are designed to be a little thicker to provide extra support and stability


Overall, the Primal Zen is a great option for those transitioning to a minimalist shoe as it provides a little more cushion and support for beginners. Other than being extremely comfortable, lightweight, flexible, and supportive, it’s the perfect all-purpose, daily wear that not only feels good but looks great too!

Lems Primal Zen
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Lems Primal Zen

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Lems Primal Zen

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Lems Primal Zen

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