10 of the

Best Lems Shoes

Ten of the best Lems shoes for those interested in zero drop, barefoot lifestyle shoes.

The Lems Shoes Story 

For the last decade, Lems shoes has made a name for itself as a leading pioneer in the barefoot shoe industry. Since its inception in 2011, founder and CEO Andrew Rademacher has continued to innovate barefoot, minimalist shoe designs that are perfect for a hike through nature, a day at the office, or a night on the town; a true, all-purpose lifestyle shoe. Lems’ focus on sustainability, social responsibility, and functional and stylish designs has set them apart in this growing marketplace.

How Barefoot Shoes Helped Andrew Avoid Injury

As a former college athlete, Andrew Rademacher had direct experience with bad shoes and suffered from multiple knee and foot injuries. He was never able to find a shoe that was perfect enough to naturally support him through his competitions and suffered from multiple knee and foot injuries.

That was until he started running barefoot.

Andrew immediately noticed that his injuries and pain went away while different muscles were building in his feet. He realized that shoes should be built around humans’ natural foot shape with a wider toe box while being lightweight, flexible, and durable. By removing all the extra, unnecessary materials, the foot could build and strengthen its own muscles, leading to better posture, alignment, and overall health.

This realization inspired him to learn the art and science behind shoemaking. He bought a pair of shoes from his employer at the time and deconstructed it to better understand how it was made. He continued to study shoe construction, pattern making, and experimented with different types of materials.

Then in 2008, Andrew founded Lems and after years of research and prototyping, Lems launched its first product in September 2011 – the Primal. Since then, Lems has gone on to produce some of the most fashionable, functional, and best-selling minimalist shoes on the market.

Creating the Best Lems Shoes

The Primal 2, Boulder Boot, and Trailhead quickly became the best Lems shoes that customers love, especially for outdoor activities like hiking. Each shoe is designed to be lightweight, flexible, and durable, with a wide toe box and a zero-drop platform that promotes a natural stride and helps to reduce stress on the joints.

While Lems embodies the zero drop, barefoot shoe philosophy that is similar to brands like Xero Shoes and Vivobarefoot, they fill a gap in the market that calls for more fashionable and stylish minimalist footwear.

Best known for their minimalist design, exceptional comfort, and durability, Lems shoes are perfect for anyone who wants to maintain an active lifestyle without compromising on style and comfort.