Lems Trailhead

The Lems Trailhead is rugged enough for a trail, but also just as capable at the corner coffee shop. It’s hard to go wrong with this durable and stylish lifestyle shoe.
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Lems Trailhead Review


  • Stylish and fun looks
  • Low 4mm heel-to-toe drop
  • Highly durable materials
  • Gum sole
  • Go anywhere versatility


  • Runs more narrow than other barefoot style shoes
  • Not much ground feel, sole is thick

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Lems Trailhead Features

Comfort and Fit

Runs wider than some average shoes, but not as wide as many barefoot shoes. The sole is firm and sturdy so the shoe feels rugged and strong but “roll-up” flexible like other Lems shoes such as the Primal 2. The upper has a breathable mesh which works well.


The gum soles are sticky and grippy in dry conditions, but possibly suspect in wet and, primarily, icy conditions. Under dry conditions, traction across all surfaces is good.


A very durable shoe, made of quality materials. The shoes hold up much better than many competitors.


Lems makes great looking shoes, and the Trailhead is an especially fun option with some retro looks as well as more traditional color options. These shoes are at home on the trail and in the office. A great travel shoe, appropriate for most settings.

Flexibility and Responsiveness

Considering how durable the Lems Trailheads are, they are reasonably flexible. However, the flexibility is nowhere near the typical barefoot or minimalist style shoe — the sole and insole are simply chunkier. Responsiveness is good since the shoe is firm, with almost no ground feel.

Lems Trailhead Construction


Lems Trailhead
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Lems Trailhead Shoe

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Lems Trailhead

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Lems Trailhead Shoe

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