Pulse Score

Learn about 10Shoe’s shoe scoring system.

A Pulse Score is the general online consensus about a shoe or a product. We research online indicators for excellence and then curate some of the best ten shoes and products we can find by category, to save you time.

Scores are rated from 0-10 where 10 would be a perfect score.

Think we missed a great shoe? Feel free to let us know.

We average out online sentiment from multiple types of online reviewers:

  • Individual experts
  • Large e-commerce sites with customer reviews
  • Scrapers and aggregators (other sites which attempt to summarize online sentiment… we summarize the summarizers!)


We aim for objectivity by consistently averaging the same scoring factors and using similar sources for every score. However, as with all reviews, our best estimations are ultimately subjective. We hope the Pulse Score acts as a helpful reference when doing online research.

Our goal is to find 10 of the best options available by summarizing the summarizers, customers, and experts.

Shoes which receive higher scores get a higher ranking.

We stick to sources which are generally considered reputable by the online audience at large.

Each review on 10Shoe will list the sources used underneath the Pulse Score.

Yes, when they are available. We prefer direct affiliate relationships and are always happy to entertain new ones. Get in touch if you’d like us in your program.

Standard disclaimer: participation in an affiliate program does not influence whether we will pick your products in our lists since our rankings are based around online consensus rather than our personal opinion.