Nike ZoomX Invincible Run

A bouncy and fun running shoe for those seeking comfort and spring on the long run. If max speed isn’t crucial, these shoes are a blast.
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Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Review


  • Highly cushioned (ridiculously bouncy — think trampoline or marshmallows)
  • Bouncy, fun running experience
  • Breathable
  • Foot doesn’t feel beat up after a long hard, pavement run
  • Good traction/grip
  • Rocker shape for effortless stride transition
  • Plush collar below ankle for comfort


  • ZoomX foam is fragile
  • High price point
  • Tall and squishy makes for unstable base
  • Some reviewers find toebox to be narrow
  • Shoe performs best at more casual pace (may not be a good racing shoe)

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Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Features

Comfort and Fit

For those battling running pain or merely running long on harder surfaces, the Invincible Run may be an epiphany. The upper is locked down and the midsole is plush and springy. The toebox can run a bit narrow, but most runners really enjoy the running experience with one possible exception: these shoes are tall and can feel unstable with all of the squish.


Plenty of grip for a road shoe, with a sole covered in small studs. This is especially nice when running gravel paths or mixed surfaces.


Durability is questionable with a few hundred miles possibly being the upper end of life for the soles.


The extra-bouncy ZoomX midsole does a great job at protecting the legs from feeling beat up on hard running surfaces, but the rounded heel and soft midsole can also make the shoe feel unstable and sloppy.

If your running is generally in one direction, you may love the bounce and shock reduction. If your running involves many sharp turns, try a more locked down shoe.


There are few complaints about the breathability of the Flyknit uppers.  Some of the extra padding around the collar might make the shoe feel a tad warmer, but most runners find the shoe ventilated.


With plenty of uppers to choose from, runners will find the ZoomX Invincible Run to be stylish. Some feel the maximalist sole looks a bit silly with all of the foam. By other Nike shoe trends, the color combinations don’t take big risks.

Flexibility and Responsiveness

A highly flexible and comfortable shoe, but so squishy it can be sluggish when high performance is required. Great for the first time marathoner — comfortable and form forgiving.

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Construction


The outsole has a nice, micro-studded pattern which is plenty for a road shoe. Oddly, Nike included two small flat rubber patches (one on the inside heel, and one on the outside forefoot) where the traction is absent in favor of a stylistic Nike emblem. This could possibly wear oddly depending on foot strike patterns.


The ZoomX midsole takes time to break in and may pack out faster than midsoles on more firm shoes, but it also creates a fun experience many runners say is unique.  Those who struggle with foot and leg pain may find relief with these shoes thanks to the midsoles.


Nice, breathable Flyknit uppers which feel locked down and have a comfortable collar around the heel. The tongue is gusseted (sewn on sides) and combines nicely with wide laces.

Lacing System

Laces stay tight, especially when double-knotted (as they should always be!). The length of the laces cuts it close and can feel a little short.


The ZoomX Invincible Run is a great option if you:

  • Like the idea of a extra bouncy shoe which helps absorb shock
  • Are planning to do training on hard surface
  • Are looking to inject some fun into your running

This may not be a good choice if you:

  • Are looking for a high performance racing shoe and are counting seconds
  • Need a locked down, stable platform for precision movement

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run
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Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Shoe

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Nike ZoomX Invincible Run

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Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Shoe

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